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  1. Time:November 8-29,2015 

  2. Place:Repair and Reconstructive Institute of Shandong Province 

  3. The number of participants:30


       Welcome to Jinan this autumn . We are together here for exploring  the essence of microsurgery.

       Thank god for blessing me to gain the continuous inspiration in the field of microsurgery . I am involved and enjoy it. Mencius said: everybody's happiness is better than one person's happiness. Knowledge should be used to share. For this reason ,the annual advanced course of microsurgical anatomy and clinical application is held.

       Since 2006, the course has been held for 9 times. More than 400 trainees have attended it. In addition ,extra students have learned the course by video. Hundreds of thousands surgeons have updated their concept about microsurgery and improved their technology. Many patients have benefited from them.

       For nine years, I have devoted every November to prepare and teach the course. I was a little tired when I had the demonstration and instruction at the same time. I had to bear the unpleasant cadaver odor (only the anatomist can smell because of the close distance). I was enjoyable when I shared the knowledge with the trainees. The students had huge academic improvement  and became the excellent microsurgeon in local and domestic. Numerous people want to join the class every year,and the feedback student gave makes me feel that what I have done is very valuable. Academician Shizhen Zhong has been encouraged me to continue holding the class . The foreign doctors also want to attend the course. I am invited to have a special lecture about flap anatomy in the American association of microsurgery next January.

       “ One cannot make an ambition only if he(She) possesses indifference to fame and fortune. One cannot achieve great things only if he(she) is poised in life.” In this ambitious period, it is moved that we are together to seeking for the truth of microsurgery in coming three weeks. Attending the course is not only improving the technology but also bringing the benefit to many patients. I will devote all my understand about microsurgery and deliver the core principle of microsurgery .“ Teaching him how to fish is better than giving him a fish ”. In three weeks,I will  have the demonstration on cadaver and teach the knowledge about anatomy and operation of microsurgery(include more than 60 tissue flaps in the various parts of body). When finish the course,you will have a widen horizon about microsurgery.

       Let us looking forward it.

 Wang  Zengtao